New Alcohol Interlock Scheme in WA

New Alcohol Interlock Scheme in WA – Things You Should Know

In an effort to reduce drink driving by repeat offenders, the Western Australian government introduced the WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme. The Scheme came into play on 24 October 2016.

What is the idea behind the WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme?

The WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme aims to improve road safety by ensuring those who have previously been convicted of drink driving are sober when they get behind the wheel.

How will the WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme work?

The scheme will get those convicted for drink driving offences to pay for an interlock device to be installed on their car. Any driver in WA who is convicted of an alcohol related driving offence on or after 24 October 2016 will have the interlock condition imposed on their drivers licence.

With this interlock condition, the driver will become ‘interlock-restricted’, meaning they are only legally allowed to drive a vehicle that has been fitted with an alcohol interlock that has been formerly approved.

How does the interlock device work?

The interlock device is installed on the offender’s vehicle. Then, every time the driver goes to start the vehicle, they must pass a breath test. If the interlock system finds the driver to have equal to or greater than 0.02% of alcohol on their breath, then the vehicle will not be able to start.

How long will the driver have the interlock condition on their drivers licence?

The length of the interlock condition will depend on their crime.

If a driver has been permanently disqualified from driving and are only driving on an extraordinary drivers licence, they will have the interlock condition for three years.

If a driver has been disqualified because of an alcohol-related offence, and given an extraordinary drivers licence for this period, they will have to use the device for the time during which they have the extraordinary licence.

Once a disqualified driver regains their drivers licence, they will need to use the interlock device for 180 days after being granted their licence once again.

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