Liquor Licence SA

Liquor Licence SA – How to Apply

Whether you are a club, hotel or restaurant owner or you’re putting on an event, you may be able to apply for one or more of the following 13 liquor licence categories in South Australia:

  • Club Liquor Licence SA.
  • Direct Sales Liquor Licence SA.
  • Entertainment Venue Liquor Licence SA.
  • Hotel Liquor Licence SA.
  • Limited Club Liquor Licence SA.
  • Limited Licence.
  • Producers Liquor Licence SA.
  • Restaurant Liquor Licence SA.
  • Retail Liquor Merchant Licence SA.
  • Residential Liquor Licence SA.
  • Small Venue Liquor Licence SA.
  • Special Circumstances Liquor Licence SA.
  • Wholesale Liquor Merchant Licence SA.

How to apply for a liquor licence SA

If you have decided to do your application yourself, once you have decided what licence you need, select the corresponding apply button to access the licence specific application form with Consumer and Business Services SA. The various categories of liquor licence have different procedures and forms, so it is important to determine the appropriate category before commencing the process. Applications on behalf of a business should include all business owners as applicants and if the business is a company, the company is the applicant.

Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be granted a licence. You will be notified of the outcome by the relevant authority.

You can also hire a lawyer in South Australia with liquor licensing experience to prepare and submit your application for you.

Application Fee

The application fee as at 1 July 2017 for new liquor licences is $551. Fees can change without notice, so check online for the latest information.

What is a Limited Licence?

A limited licence is needed if you are hosting or organising a party or event where you intend to sell alcohol. This includes events at a private venue or when you charge a cover charge and provide alcohol.

When don’t I need a liquor licence?

Circumstances that don’t require a liquor licence in South Australia are:

  • Aircraft, when consumed on board the aircraft while in South Australia.
  • Bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation.
  • Businesses selling gifts which include liquor – eg gift baskets/flowers.
  • Businesses don’t need a liquor licence to include alcohol with the sale of flowers, confectionary, food or items designed to be a genuine gift.
  • Cruise vessels operating in South Australian waters.
  • Duty free shops.
  • Hairdressers, barbers and jewellers.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Patient accommodation.
  • Retirement Villages.

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