Liquor Licence QLD

Liquor Licence QLD – How to Apply

Liquor licence QLD options – The following types of liquor and wine licences are available to you:

  • Commercial hotel licence
  • Commercial other licence
    • Subsidiary on-premises licence
    • Subsidiary off-premises licence
    • Bar licence
    • Industrial canteen licence
    • Producer/wholesaler licence
  • Commercial special facility licence
  • Community club licence
  • Community other licence
  • Nightclub licence
  • Wine licence
    • Wine producer licence
    • Wine merchant licence
  • Licence to sell alcohol online

The type of liquor or wine licence you apply for will depend on what type business or organisation you intend to operate. Different requirements, application process and fees apply dependant on the type of licence you are after.

Liquor licence QLD – How to apply for a new licence

Once you have decided on the licence type you would like to apply for you can find the appropriate Australian Business Licence Information Service page. This page will detail:

  • How to apply for the specific licence with links to the appropriate application form
  • Application fees
  • Management aspects of liquor licences and permits (licence transfers, surrender and updates)

You can also speak with a commercial lawyer who has liquor licensing experience in Queensland to assist you with your application or appeal for a liquor licence.

Advertising Requirements

It is important to be aware that depending on your licence type there may be a requirement after you have submitted your application to advertise your application outside your licenced premises.

Liquor permits

For individuals who have already obtained a Queensland liquor licence and you need to make a change or apply for a temporary extension, you will need to make application for a permit.

For anyone who wishes to serve alcohol temporarily or at a special event (as long as you are a non-proprietary organisation) you may need to apply for a permit, although under certain circumstances you may be exempt from this requirement.

Licence fees

In Queensland all liquor licences are subject to a base fee plus an additional fee which they calculate by risk criteria. This risk is calculated based on your service practices and compliance history (if any) and the trading hours.

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