Lawyer Spotlight: Pamela Cominos – Cominos Family Lawyers

Lawyer Spotlight: Pamela Cominos – Cominos Family Lawyers

We speak with LawTap lawyer Pamela Cominos at Cominos Family Lawyers located in Sydney, NSW to learn more about her and her family law firm.

1. Tell us about the areas of law you practice, the work that you do and the clients you work with at Cominos Family Lawyers

I work with clients who are going through a divorce or separation or have been divorced and continue to require legal advice representation in negotiations, mediations and going to Court (Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court). I work as a Sydney family lawyer and also across New South Wales.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I most enjoy helping people to get through a life changing family event such as a divorce. I really enjoy advising, educating and empowering them to take control of their matters and their lives to move forward onto the next stage of their lives with confidence and peace of mind.

3. What’s the biggest challenge or hardest part of your job?

As a family lawyer, the the biggest challenges are managing client expectations, managing high conflict clients and dealing with mental health issues.

4. What are you most proud of in your career as a lawyer?

I’m most proud of creating my legal practice, Cominos Family Lawyers, in 2011 and evolving in 2016 to the first integrated Family Law Practice in Australia. We offer a range of services to assist our clients.

5. What big changes do you think the legal industry can expect to see over the next 3 years?

I think the big changes in the legal industry will be technology and online do it yourself (DIY) law.

6. Favourite TV show or film?

I don’t have a favourite TV show – although at the moment having been watching SBS series on Versailles. I love the fashion, the politics and the power, as well as the complex relationships.

7. At what stage should someone contact you about a legal issue or matter?

When they want to leave their relationship. When a partner has left. When they can’t see their children. When they need to sort out financial matters. When they need to make or update a Will.

8. What should potential clients do before seeing you?

Think about what problems you want solved. Think about how you want to solve your issues. Have some understanding of your children’s needs and your financial position.

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