Lawyer Spotlight: Jim Wilson, Wilson Haynes Law

Lawyer Spotlight: Jim Wilson – Wilson Haynes Law

We speak with LawTap lawyer Jim Wilson at Wilson Haynes Law located in Tweed Heads, NSW to learn more about him and his law firm.

1. Tell us about the areas of law you practice, the work that you do and the clients you work with at Wilson Haynes Law

My areas of law include:

  • Conveyancing and Property Law.
  • Estate Planning (Powers of Attorney, Superannuation, Trusts, Wills and Probate).
  • Family Law.
  • Commercial Law, including Trademarks and IP Law.
  • Litigation in each of the areas mentioned above.

The types of clients I help include:

  • Younger people to tradies, employees, pre-retirees and retirees, and
  • Owners, directors and managers of companies and businesses of all types and sizes.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I most enjoy assisting people to solve their problems or achieve their goals by giving sound legal advice.

3. What’s the biggest challenge or hardest part of your job?

There is none really. I really enjoy what I do as a lawyer.

4. What are you most proud of in your career as a lawyer?

I have worked on both sides of the fence, as a business person and as a lawyer. I have worked at senior executive level in listed and non-listed companies and as an owner of a number of small businesses, including law firms.

5. What big changes do you think the legal industry can expect to see over the next 3 years?

I think the legal industry can expect to see increasing use of technology to increase the speed and quality of services.

6. Favourite TV show or film?

My favourite TV show is Australian Story on ABC. It’s about real people and the challenges they face.

7. At what stage should someone contact you about a legal issue or matter?

When they are toying with important ideas about how to change or improve their situation or minimise their legal risks. We offer the first half hour free to discuss options.

8. What should potential clients do before seeing you?

There is an old saying, “the problem or issue stated is the problem or issue solved”. Think about what really is the problem or issue and write it down, with supporting material attached. Then think carefully about what outcome you want in relation to the problem or issue, making allowances for any negotiated win/win, and write this down as well.

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