Lawyer Spotlight: Peter Williams – Criminal & Traffic Law

Lawyer Spotlight: Peter Williams – Criminal & Traffic Law

We speak with LawTap lawyer Peter Williams at Criminal & Traffic Law located in Fairfield, Sydney, New South Wales to learn more about him and his law firm.

1. Tell us about the areas of law you practice, the work that you do and the clients you work with at Criminal & Traffic Law

I practise primarily in criminal law and traffic law matters. Criminal law matters may include criminal offences such as assault, AVOs, domestic violence, drugs charges, robbery and theft. Traffic law matters may include traffic offences such as drink driving, drug driving and drivers licence appeals. I help private clients (and occasional Legal Aid work).

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?

As a criminal and traffic lawyer, I most enjoy the mental challenges and stimulation while helping people in need.

3. What are you most proud of in your career as a lawyer?

In my career as a lawyer, I’m most proud of establishing and running a successful criminal and traffic law practice.

4. Favourite TV show or film?

My favourite TV show is Seinfeld. For the steady flow of laughs.

5. At what stage should someone contact you about a legal issue or matter?

Ideally, when contacted by police or when at the police station before deciding whether to provide a statement or be interviewed. Otherwise, contact me about your criminal or traffic law issue as soon as possible.

6. What should potential clients do before seeing you?

Before seeing me, it is helpful if clients with traffic law matters obtain a copy of their traffic record from the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services NSW).

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