Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims – Know Your Rights

Insurance companies have the right to investigate when policy holders make insurance claims. If you make a claim, your insurance company may or may not tell you outright whether they suspect you of fraud. If they are investigating, they will employ a number of tactics that may increase the waiting time on seeing a return on your claim.

The wait and line of enquiry can become frustrating, so it is important that you know your rights in relation to insurance claims.

Insurance claims – Key things you should know

  1. Insurers have a right to investigate under Australian law. It is your responsibility to reasonably cooperate with their investigations.
  2. You may be asked to provide an insurance interview. You have the right to seek legal advice both before and after the interview.
  3. Your insurer may ask you to attend an interview. If you are not comfortable going to the insurance company’s office, you can request that the interview is conducted in a more neutral location. If you do arrange an alternative location for the interview, avoid making it at your home as this could make it more difficult to terminate the interview.
  4. You can have support at your insurance interview. Being interviewed for anything can be highly stressful. You can bring a support person along with you.
  5. The insurance interview should have a defined start and finish time. If it doesn’t, you can set it up before you get there with a simple communication that determines that you only have an hour to spend in the interview. Once the hour is up, you can ask your support person to interject and say that you have to leave. It is important that you do get up and leave once the time allocated for your interview concludes, but you must provide reasonable time.
  6. Don’t guess any answers. If you are not sure of an answer to the insurer’s question, simply say that you don’t know. If the interviewer asks you to try to guess anyway (which they might ask of you, especially if they are trying to ask you about times), make sure that you are clear that you are estimating an approximate time.

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