WorkCover Claim WA

How to Make a WorkCover Claim WA

You can take the following steps to claim WorkCover compensation in Western Australia if you are injured at work or suffer an injury or disease you believe to be related to your work. To make a WorkCover claim WA you must:

  • Seek and receive immediate first aid treatment and report the injury to your employer.
  • At your first opportunity, see your preferred medical practitioner and have them give you a First Certificate of Capacity.
  • Once you have your First Certificate of Capacity you should fill out a Workers Compensation Claim Form. If you have difficulty completing the form, speak to your employer. Your employer will often have HR or OHS people with some experience completing the forms. If your employer can’t help, you can call WorkCover WA for assistance.
  • Retain copies of both the First Certificate of Capacity and the Workers Compensation Claim form for your records and supply the originals to your employer for submission to their insurer.
  • Your employer has five (5) days to ensure they have lodged the forms with their insurer.
  • Within 14 days of the insurer receiving the forms, they should contact you. The insurer will notify you at that time that the claim has either been accepted, disputed or is pending.

WorkCover claim WA statuses


If the claim is accepted and your injury prevents you from working, you will receive weekly compensation payouts and compensation for other reasonable expenses. This usually requires a weekly log to be submitted to your employer.


A disputed claim means that you will not receive any compensation payments and the insurer is required to inform you why this decision was made. If you don’t agree, you can request the insurer reassess the decision. If still unresolved you can lodge an application with the Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service.


If the insurer informs you your claim is pending it usually means they need more information to make a decision. The insurer has 10 days more days to make a final decision. If 10 days has passed since informing you of the pending status with no further decision you can lodge an application with the Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service to help seek resolution.

Further information can also be found at the WorkCover WA website.

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