Getting an Australian Visa for Your Spouse or Partner

Getting an Australian Visa for Your Spouse or Partner

If you’re wanting to move to or stay in Australia to be with your partner you will need to apply for an Australian visa under what is known as ‘partner category migration’. Visas under this category apply to a number of different circumstances. It is important to understand both your family’s eligibility and the possible costs before embarking on anAustralian visa application.

Australian visa options for spouses and partners

Australian partner or spouse visas can apply to married couples and de facto partners (including same-sex couples) of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and some New Zealand citizens. These visas allow the applicant to live, work and study in Australia.

Prospective marriage visa

The first kind of spouse visa is known as a prospective marriage visa. This Australian visa can only be applied for outside of Australia.

A prospective marriage visa is for couples intending to marry once the visa has been issued. Both partners must:

  • be over 18,
  • be eligible to marry under Australian law, and
  • genuinely intend to marry your partner within nine months of arriving in Australia.

Your partner must also be prepared to support you and meet the criteria to sponsor you to enter Australia.

Partner visa

If you’re already married or have been in a de facto relationship for more than a year, you should instead apply for a partner visa. Again, both you and your partner must be over 18 and your partner must meet the requirements to sponsor and support you.

The Australian government can also ask you to complete health checks and supply character references. You’ll need evidence that you’re in a long-term enduring relationship and have been for more than a year.

There are a number of costs associated with applying for any Australian visa. In addition to the visa processing fee, you will also be required to meet all other costs associated with your application. Other costs can include:

  • medical assessments,
  • passport photos,
  • identity documents for you and your partner, and
  • postal charges.

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