Fencing Laws in Victoria

Fencing Laws in Victoria

Property law is already complex, but long after you have purchased your property, fencing laws in Victoria will continue to influence the way that you live our lives and deal with your neighbours.

Fencing laws in Victoria

Fencing laws in Victoria have defined the need for an agreement to be reached about the fence that you plan to build, upgrade, or repair.

The fencing laws say that you must try to reach an agreement before proceeding with any plans, or you may be up for the entire cost of the fence.

What type of fence?

You will need to come to an agreement about:

  • The type of fence that you want to install.
  • Who will be completing the work.
  • How much each neighbour will be paying.

If you can document these factors, then this can serve as evidence to show that you tried to reach an agreement with your neighbour about fencing.

Reaching an agreement

It’s great to have good neighbours, but if you don’t know or get along with your neighbours, then this can prove difficult. Its usually best to speak to your neighbour first, in a calm and friendly manner. Set aside enough time to make sure that you can discuss the issue at length.

If you can, come prepared with some estimates about how long the project will take, and how much it might cost.

If you have any concerns, now is the time to bring them up. Also, make sure your neighbour understands your reasons for wanting a new fence.

If your neighbour doesn’t want to build, repair, or upgrade the fence, listen to their concerns so that you have a greater chance of figuring out a solution that works for both parties.

If you can’t come to an agreement

A neighbour can have a big impact on your life. If you and your neighbour cannot reach an agreement on the fence, there is no need to allow the issue to spoil your relationship.

If you cannot come to an agreement about the fence, try to take a small break from your discussions and agree to reschedule a meeting and come with ideas that might work for both parties.

The last resort could be dispute resolution, which is handled by the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

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