Does Your Employer Need to Give You a Payslip?

Does Your Employer Need to Give You a Payslip?

An employer is obligated to provide their employee(s) with a payslip within 1 working day of the employees pay day (under the Fair Work Act 2009).

By providing an employee with a payslip, the employee can check that they are being paid correctly in line with their contract that:

  • they are being paid the salary that was agreed upon or paid the correct hourly rate;
  • the correct number of hours; and
  • any overtime that they worked.

Is it ok to receive an electronic copy of my payslip?

It used to be the norm to provide a hardcopy of an employee’s payslip to them each pay cycle. Now, with the evolution of technology it is more common to provide a payslip to an employee electronically, usually via email. Sometimes, employers put payslips on their website for their employees to access electronically and print when needed.

As long as an electronic version contains all the information that needs to be included, then it is ok to receive electronically.

What information needs to be on my payslip?

It is important to make sure the following information is included on any payslip that you receive whether it is received electronically or hard copy.

Your payslip must state:

  • your employer’s name and address along with their Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • the pay period that the payment covers;
  • the date your pay was paid;
  • the amount of your gross as well as your net pay;
  • if you are being paid by the hour (rather than salary) the pay slip must show:
    o The ordinary rate of hourly pay;
    o How many hours you worked at that pay;
    o The total dollar amount earned.
  • any loading, shift allowances, other allowances or bonuses that are separate from your hourly rate of pay;
  • any deductions from your pay for example tax, salary sacrificing. The deduction must be named and the amount taken from your pay clearly stated.
  • any superannuation benefit paid by your employer and to which superannuation account.

What should I do if I am not given a payslip?

First, you should notify your employer that you did not receive a payslip after your pay day and request for one to be given to you.

If your employer fails to provide you with a payslip as requested, you can either contact Fair Work or you can discuss your concerns with an employment lawyer.

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