Interesting Australian Legal Information and Resources on Australian Traffic Law, including the Australian Road Rules.

New Alcohol Interlock Scheme in WA

New Alcohol Interlock Scheme in WA - Things You Should Know

In an effort to reduce drink driving by repeat offenders, the…
Road Rules

Are You Breaking These 5 Road Rules?

Even if you are an experienced driver and you've never been in…
Driving Laws in Queensland - When Can I Use My Phone?

Driving Laws in Queensland: When Can I Use my Phone?

Go to almost any public space in Queensland, or indeed anywhere…
Traffic Law in Victoria - Drug Driving

Traffic Law in Victoria - Drug Driving

Traffic law in Victoria makes it illegal to take illicit drugs…
Travelling with Dogs?

Travelling with Dogs? (Vic)

Many Australians are dog-lovers and want to take their canine…
Drug Driving Laws NSW

Drug Driving Laws in NSW

Many people are accustomed to the idea of random breath testing…
Reckless & Negligent Driving in NSW

Reckless or Negligent Driving in NSW - What You Need to Know

Understanding what constitutes reckless or negligent driving…
Drink Driving Law NSW

Drink Driving - Statistics, Law and Penalties in NSW

Drink driving is a serious matter across Australia and New South…
Drink Driving Laws in Victoria

Drink Driving in Victoria – Make Your First Offence Your Last

If you have gone over your prescribed alcohol limit before driving…