Can Office Footy Tipping Get You in Trouble?

Can Office Footy Tipping Get You in Trouble?

With the AFL and NRL football seasons now well underway, many offices around Australia have also kicked off their footy tipping competitions. Unfortunately, what most organisers of footy tipping don’t realise is that there are some legal obligations that are required to be met. These obligations vary across Australia.

Footy tipping prizes

In New South Wales and Victoria, the prizes must not exceed $5,000 and entry fees can be set at any amount. As with other games of chance, all money collected must be returned as prize money or else a permit will be required. If the intent is that a portion of the money is to be donated to charity, some States have laws governing running competitions for charitable purposes that would need to be considered.

Additionally, not only prizes should not exceed $5000 in value, but tobacco, firearms, illegal weapons, the promise of cosmetic surgery, and prizes of liquor exceeding 20 litres are also prohibited under gaming laws. So if your tipping competition involves any of the aforementioned prizes, re-think your giveaway.

In Western Australia, for example, there is a general allowance for social gambling but the definition of social gambling is very narrow. Generally, social gambling must be spontaneous, it can’t involve personal gains for someone not playing. It also needs to ensure no one is cheated, defrauded or levied, it has to pay out the money put in to a winner.

Notice requirements

Some of the notice requirements when starting an office footy tipping competition are to outline:

  • The rules of the competition
  • Cost to enter the competition
  • Details of the closing dates for entry
  • Timelines and closing times for tips entries
  • Contact details for the organiser

The important part of any footy tipping competition is to make sure that you clearly explain all the rules about fees, prizes and tipping timelines to all participants. Any disputes should be dealt with quickly to minimise the chance of any legal issues arising. If the competition is fun and fair to all participants, then you shouldn’t have any issues, but it is advisable that you make yourself aware of the laws in your State or Territory.

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