Buying a House - Property Lawyer Benefits

Buying a House? Benefits of Using a Property Lawyer

Buying a house or selling a house costs money, which is a reason why you may look at using a conveyancer rather than a property lawyer to deal with the legal matters relating to your property purchase or sale. While in some cases this can provide an economical alternative, it’s important to be aware of the circumstances when using a property lawyer may be the best course of action. Take a look at four common scenarios where it’s wise to get in-depth legal counsel from a property lawyer.

Cross-cutting property law matters

Conveyancers are only trained in the law as it relates to housing transfer. Unlike a solicitor, they won’t be able to offer expertise on other issues such as ownership difficulties, lease problems or boundary disputes. If your sale is affected by any of these matters, it’s normally easier (and cheaper) to have a property lawyer deal with the purchase.

Dealing with other lawyers

In some cases, the sale won’t simply be a transaction between buyer and seller. In particular, when the sale is as a result of divorce, there may be two sets of lawyers involved (one for each party), both of whom will need to agree the sale conditions. In these situations, a property lawyer is often most appropriate, as they will have a greater understanding of the process.

Unexpected complexities a property lawyer can solve

Many conveyancers will charge a flat rate for their services which covers a specific set of tasks, leaving you stuck if an unexpected matter arises which isn’t included in the set offering. A property lawyer will provide ongoing legal assistance, dealing with each issue as it happens.

Long term lawyer-client relationship

Because lawyers can have expertise in several areas of law, such as property law as well as wills and estate planning law, when you find a lawyer you’re happy with, it’s possible to use them for many different issues. Difficult times can be made much easier if you’ve access to a trusted and familiar legal advisor who you’ve used successfully in the past.

Lawyers can offer a broad understanding of many areas of law, particularly as they relate to buying a house. If you’re selling a home or looking to purchase, get in touch to discover more about the benefits of using an experienced property lawyer for your legal support.

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