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What is an ESOP?

ESOP is an acronym for an employee share ownership plan or employee stock ownership plan. This is where employers give company shares to employees as part of their remuneration plan as an added bonus or allows them to buy shares at a predetermined price up to a certain amount. To ensure the shares remain tax […]

How Do I Cancel My ABN?

Are you wondering how do I cancel my ABN? Before you cancel your ABN (Australian Business Number), you must finalise your reporting, lodging and payment requirements. It is the responsibility of the person (if a sole trader) or business named on the ABN register to update details on the ABN register in a timely manner […]

What is a Deed of Company Arrangement?

When a company is entering into voluntary administration, it often enters into a binding agreement with its creditors which sets out how the company’s affairs will be governed. This agreement is called a deed of company arrangement. It aims to provide a better outcome for the company’s creditors than an immediate wind up of the […]

How to Make a WorkCover Claim WA

You can take the following steps to claim WorkCover compensation in Western Australia if you are injured at work or suffer an injury or disease you believe to be related to your work. To make a WorkCover claim WA you must: Seek and receive immediate first aid treatment and report the injury to your employer. […]

What Can You Do About Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted and unwelcome sexual behaviour that makes a person feel intimidated, offended or humiliated. Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination. In Australia, harassment is dealt with under Australian anti-discrimination laws. What amounts to sexual harassment? Firstly, it’s important to note that mutual and consensual interaction, flirtation or friendship […]

Want to Use an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is an electronic means of recording a personal identifier in the same way a handwritten or wet ink signature is used. Types of electronic signatures can include: A digital signature – An encrypted date time stamp linked to an account login Typing a name in a signature box Ticking a box Inserting […]

What Happens During Voluntary Administration?

Voluntary administration is where a company is voluntarily placed in the hands of an independent person (called the administrator) to come up with the best outcome for the company and its creditors. It is usually initiated by the company’s directors or a secured creditor. What does the administrator do? The main role of the administrator […]

Small Business Fair Dismissal Code

The Small Business Fair Dismissal Code has been in operation since 1 July 2009. It helps small business employers with a fair process to follow when dismissing employees in order to protect the employer against an unfair dismissal claim. Who does the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code apply to? It applies to any small business […]

Copyright Infringement and Penalties

Copyright can be defined as the rights granted exclusively to the copyright owner to reproduce certain material, and to display or perform certain material in public. Copyright infringement is an offence under Australian law. What material does copyright attach to? The types of material or other creative works can include: Text. Artistic works. Music. Computer […]