Australian Citizenship Test

Can You Pass the Australian Citizenship Test?

Taking the Australian citizenship test can be daunting, especially if you’ve been here for a long time and feel like an Aussie. Some people even say that most Australians would struggle with the citizenship test. But are the rumours true or are they just a bit of an urban legend?

Let’s take a closer look at the Australian citizenship test.

What does it test?

The Australian citizenship test assesses your knowledge of Australia and your understanding of your rights and responsibilities as an Australian citizen. The test also examines your knowledge of English as the national language. This is a critical component of the citizenship test as immigration law is not only designed to ensure people obtain legal citizenship, but to make sure that they are able to communicate and play an active role in Australian society.

The questions in the citizenship test are based on three topics:

  1. Australia and its people.
  2. The democratic beliefs, rights and liberties of Australians.
  3. Australian government and law.

The structure of the Australian citizenship test

The test contains 20 questions that are drawn at random out of a larger pool of questions. It is a computer-based multiple choice test. You must get at least 75% of the answers right to pass the test, which is 15 out of the 20 questions. This means you have to have a reasonable understanding of the subject matter.

What’s in the test?

All that you need to know is covered in a test book that is free to download and print.

The testable document details information about Australia, including its history, states and territories, traditions and symbols, flags and the national anthem. You might be tested on any of these subjects.

The test also contains questions about your rights, freedoms and liberties as an Australian citizen, and your responsibilities. Government and politics, including how government works, are also covered in the test.

It takes time to apply for the test, and there are many other steps involved in gaining citizenship. To sit the test, you must be a permanent resident.

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