Road Rules

Are You Breaking These 5 Road Rules?

Even if you are an experienced driver and you’ve never been in trouble with the police, there is a good chance you might be breaking lesser these known road rules.

1. Over the limit with an L-plater

What if you’ve had a few drinks and hand the keys to your 17-year-old son or daughter, who has a valid learner’s permit, so they can safely drive you home while you sit in the passenger’s seat? You would have broken the road rules unless you’re in Western Australia.

2. Pets on laps

Popping down the road with your beloved, docile old cat on your lap is very much illegal. Obviously, the same applies to children. In fact, even a passenger reclining their seat too far can be deemed to have broken road rules about being properly restrained.

3. Leaving the car unattended

Even during a two minute trip to the supermarket for milk, you cannot leave your car unattended with a door unlocked. In fact, you also need to wind up the windows before venturing more than three metres away from the car, and not pulling up the handbrake or leaving the keys in the ignition are also against road rules.

4. Tooting the horn

You’ve had a most enjoyable evening at a friend’s house, and as you pull away you do the right thing and give them a friendly ‘toot-toot’ with the horn. That toot of the horn has technically broken a road rule. Regulation 224 of the Australian Road Rules says a driver must not use the horn unless it is ‘necessary’.

5. Driving with bare feet

Some of the above road rules may have surprised you, but in a world where stilettos and thongs exist, the law doesn’t mind if you take them off because you feel more in control with bare feet. Something to bear in mind is that in the event of a crash it may be determined that your bare feet played a role.

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