Anti Social Behaviour in WA

Anti Social Behaviour in Western Australia – Have You Been Affected?

In Australia, how exactly do we define anti social behaviour and what are the current laws in place to deter people from committing an offence?

Anti social behaviour is an action or set of actions that disturbs, annoys or interferes with the ability of another person or persons to go about their everyday life, including:

Misusing a public space

As you might have assumed, prostitution, fighting in the street and using a vehicle inappropriately are all deemed acts of anti social behaviour. Consuming alcohol and being drunk in the street is also an offence, and offenders could be warned by the police and charged if found in such a way.

Disregarding community safety

This could include intimidating behaviour, being overly loud or out-of-control gatherings. An out-of-control gathering is defined as a gathering of 12 or more people, where two or more of this group are engaging in anti-social behaviour that could cause fear or alarm among the general public.

Disregarding your own personal wellbeing

Anti social behaviour isn’t just limited to inconveniencing others; drug use, binge drinking and drunken behaviour also fall under this bracket.

Acts directed at others

Have you been, or do you know someone who has been: bullied, insulted, intimidated or threatened? These are all examples of anti-social behaviour, as is aggression, and the perpetrator could find themselves in trouble with the police if they continue to act in such a manner.

Environmental damage

Graffiti – which is taken to mean the application of a substance to a property’s surface – is a costly crime, as is property damage and vandalism. All are defined as anti social behaviour in the eyes of Western Australian law.

What to do if you’re a victim of anti social behaviour

You can turn to the police if you experience anti social behaviour. If you need criminal law advice, speak to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

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